Sweet pea’s 1st birthday gift

The little sweet pea turned one. Say what?! I simply cannot believe how much she’s changed. The hub and I went through some old photos yesterday and we were cracking up at the tiny little ball of a being, who’s now blossomed into an active smart toddler.

When I was still pregnant, a friendĀ asked me whether I was making a scrapbook for jr. I said I wanted to but was too busy and lazy. She asked, “you mean you are just lazy?” That pretty much sums up most endeavors I have undertaken, especially journal kind of stuff. I have more than 5 blogs and they are all very short-lived, including one with just one entry. Now, I do think that I have been the best mom I could be to sweet pea, I have even kept a somewhat regular online journal for family members. No, still no scrapbook, but I guess that’s just not me or, dare I say it again, I’m too busy for it!

I do like to do crafty things though, once in a blue moon. Here’s something I made as a birthday gift for sweet pea.Image


It took a lot of time from this busy mom, but it turned out so nicely I have to say I’m quite proud of it. I got the idea from this blog. I pretty much plagiarized everything because it’s so cool, plus added the fruits and made it in Chinese. I painstakingly drew the fruits using Microsoft’s Fresh Paint. Not too bad for an econ major, eh? Oh, and the wooden blocks, I bought them from Smiling Trees Toys, which is a great wooden toy store I frequent whenever I want to impress. The wood was so beautiful I had a hard time covering it up. In the end, I decided to leave one side bare to show off the natural beauty of the wood.

How’s that for a busy and lazy mom! The dizzy part? She’s having serious sleep regression! More on that later…