The most hysteric baby!

ImageSweet pea went in for her 1yr check up yesterday and the moment her charming, experienced, and highly rated pediatrician came into the room, she started crying, hysterically. From around 6 months, we’ve noticed that she disliked the doctor’s office. She does like the waiting area and charms the nurses with her sociable smiles, but once in the exam room she becomes tense and when she’s put on the exam table, she really lets you know how much she hates it.

But yesterday’s behavior was something else. She cried, again hysterically, for the entire time with her doctor and did not stop after he was gone. In fact, she cried the whole way home. The hub and I were thoroughly exhausted by then. Initially, the doc wasn’t bothered at all. He’s an old doctor who’s probably seen hundres of babies, if not more. However, by the end, he said to us “All one-year-olds can be hysterical, but not as extreme as her.” I was in shock! I didn’t think I was raising an extreme case and she normally behaves well. Even if she has a bit of a tantrum sometimes, for example she would, kicking and crying, refuse to get into her stroller, I do not allow her to do whatever she wants and let her control me. How can she become an extreme case!

Is this normal? How much do other kids hate their doctor’s visits? Does it get better? What can I do to prepare for our next visit? Help, wise mothers out there!